Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing processes to give your customer a personalised experience of your brand at each touchpoint.


Multi-Channel Communications

Strengthen your brand by delivering a consistent dialogue with each customer across digital channels with integrated print.


Campaign Strategy

Maximise your marketing budget with a clear strategy to provide seamless customer experiences that increase conversion.




Who we are

We are the creators of powerful, ambitious, emotive campaigns for your audience that cut through the digital din and help you truly connect with your customer.

With expert knowledge, creative flare and unique multi-channel automation technology, we are here to bring your next campaign to life.

What we do

Automated Multi-Channel Campaigns. Huh?

This technology is changing the way businesses and organisations communicate with their customers focusing on user journeys, personalisation and relationship building.

It automates communications and, with cleverly targeted messages, has been particularly successful for large businesses and organisations as a marketing tool. We want to bring that technology to your organisation so that you can communicate with your customers methodically across the web, email, text message and print.

Our approach

Consultation >

We work closely with our clients to learn about their business, budget, market and pinch points.

We listen to our clients’ objectives and desired outcomes and ask a range of questions, armed with information, we aim to exceed expectations.

Strategy >

After initial consultation, our team create a variety of bespoke automation options for our clients to consider.

Drawing on our expertise in marketing and automation technology, we work with our clients to develop a winning automation strategy.

Development >

Once a plan has been agreed, our technicians get to work bringing the project to life.

With a wealth of experience under one roof and a commitment to quality, we can help with all aspects of the project from data segmentation, messaging, content, artwork and integration.

Implementation >

After rigorous testing, the project is ready to be deployed and users can experience something amazing.

We keep our clients well informed of the project’s progress with regular reports. Our goal is to exceed expectations and produce quality results for our clients.

Analysis >

With a comprehensive analytics platform at our finger tips, we can provide live results on campaigns and run detailed analysis on ongoing projects.

From email click-throughs to print interaction, we identify the relevant KPIs and then smash them.


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Craig Bowling

Director VeriSmart Bournemouth

“We wanted to work with RPM React to explore automated marketing and have been wowed by their creativity and technical capability.”

“Their understanding of customer engagement and user behaviour guided the way for a responsive website that fits our needs and has positively transformed our operations.”

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