Sir David leads the changeugh

Following Sir David’s lead

Sir David leads the change

One million followers in 4 hours 44 minutes. A world record and another achievement to add to the list for Sir David Attenborough. His millions of followers will see his powerful and passionate Instagram messages about the devastating impact of climate change. These followers along with consumers and businesses are coming to realise the importance of his message and the need to change their behaviour.

Legislation is too slow

In spite of the UK co-hosting COP26 and the government pledges and targets it will be a long time before legislation reaches down into the lives of everyone to inspire change and ensure we are all living sustainably. We have to take the initiative ourselves. Businesses have a key role to play in this, to set examples and standards for their staff as well as providing products and services that are genuinely green. There is a market for it. Accenture's 2019 study showed that “approximately 83% of respondents said they felt it was important or extremely important that companies design their products to be more environmentally friendly”.

recycled materials and with an Earthfirst window

RPM makes a change

At RPM React last month our customer asked us to find a fully recyclable window envelope for their green campaign mailing. The envelope suppliers said there was no such thing. We did not take 'no' for an answer and after several hours and a dozen phone calls we had a result. The Naturefirst envelope, made from recycled materials has an Earthfirst window film that is 100% compostable. Difficult to source but well worth the effort to find it. Not quite up there with getting 1 million followers on Instagram, but it did feel satisfying. And we proved how change can happen.

Like our customer, we are passionate about the environment. And we were prepared to put in extra effort to make a change. In our next blog we'll tell you all about a campaign where that little bit of effort paid off.