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FSC Friday : Celebrate today September 25th

September 25th is not just Declan Donnellys birthday. It’s also FSC Friday. A day to “raise awareness of the importance of responsible forestry”.

Have you ever heard of FSC Friday? No, neither had we. This is in spite of us holding their certification for 6 years. Whoops.

FSC are great at managing forests yet their Friday marketing leaves a bit to be desired. But when we finally heard about it (via a personalised email, great choice!) we decided to do something. We’ve updated our FSC web page for print – (do take a look), spread the word on social media for the special day and decided to add promoting FSC as an objective to our Environmental Policy.

So we think you should watch this great little animated video. It explains what FSC do really well. They protect a lot more than forests and we need more organisations like them. (And more cheeky chappies like Dec.)