Personalised video

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Video is, without doubt, one of the most engaging forms of content delivery in the marketer’s toolbox. But it’s quickly evolving into something so much more powerful with dynamic data-driven elements that mean, with automation, you can create hundreds, if not thousands of personalised videos in an instant.

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And true personalisation goes well beyond a name. New technology allows for marketers to add dynamic elements from changing scenes, differing audio, relevant images and clips which create a personalised experience for the customer. Drawing on data, you can now send video purchase confirmations showing the elements of an insurance policy your customer has just taken out. Or even shareable content such as your customers’ gaming or exercise or fundraising achievements that they can share with their friends online.

The possibilities are endless but the rule is the same – to truly engage your customer, you need to truly personalise your communications with them – even when it comes to video content.