Campaign Strategy

Our team work collaboratively with you to create dynamic communications solutions tailored to your needs.

We support you in all aspects of marketing – from planning and budgeting to campaign implementation and analytics. Using a collaborative platform, we work with your team to build highly effective campaigns that run automatically. We will guide you through customer profiling, messaging, content creation campaign logic and optimising customer journeys that will save your team time and refocus your energy on strategic and creative themes rather than operational and repetitive tasks. We get to know your industry, listen to your pain points and create bespoke innovative communications solutions to improve efficiency in your organisation. We work with B2B and B2C companies.

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B2B Services

Organise, automate and personalise your brand with customer communications management.

RPM React works with you to create personalised journeys for your stakeholders that strengthen your brand and build relationships with your audience. Over the past 6 years we have built a range of bespoke solutions using the Xerox Xmpie cloud-based platform, which powers enterprise level multi-channel marketing and integrates with any other open-platform system. Circle is our collaborative workflow planning tool with drag-and-drop features for easy design, visualisation and testing, pictured below. Ustore provides complete web-to-print and storefront portals so that your users access communications that are personalised and relevant to them. Your sales agents or team members can log in and automate communications such as reminders or responses, order branded marketing collateral or even trigger their own multi-channel marketing campaigns. Every touchpoint can be fully personalised, using the Adobe suite of Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Aftereffects. We build data driven loyalty schemes to engage and delight your customers and increase revenue. Why not add sales or marketing data to transactions, in print, email or through personalised web pages to streamline your processes and deliver sales. With Analytics you can measure results, find prospects, identify missed opportunities, improve efficiency and save time whilst ensuring that the whole user experience is an engaging and personal journey. Users include schools, training centres, franchise companies, multi-site corporations, hotels and holiday parks

B2C Services

Find, delight and engage your audience using automation and personalisation.

It’s no longer enough to just broadcast your message, it has to be personalised and tailored to suit each member of your audience. Our platform enables you to deliver a unique user experience from customer acquisition, engagement and development to retention, loyalty and beyond, ensuring that you consistently align your marketing with the customer decision journey. We want to see you achieve your goals and will work with you to develop campaigns to deliver your message across web, email, text, video and print channels so that your communications get noticed. And by tracking responses and reacting accordingly you can develop your communications into a one-to-one conversation with your client. With our analytics tool you can learn about customer behaviour, measure what is meeting your targets and adjust the delivery channel or message to suit the recipient. For example, a particular customer action could trigger an automated response like an email or postcard to be sent out featuring images, text or video selected for maximum response. The limit is your imagination, especially as our open-architecture platform can connect to any open online system, including CRM’s such as Hubspot and Salesforce. Put us to the test. .