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Sponsoring Dorset Wildlife Trust: A walk on the wild side

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Last week, we were given the opportunity to join other local business representatives on a walk on the wild side hosted by Dorset Wildlife Trust.

The Trust is launching their Eco-Awards for Businesses and wanted to run this inaugural event and, as RPM is a corporate sponsor of the charity, we were one of the first businesses to sign up.

We met deep in Dorset’s unique heathland and were welcomed with a delicious cup of tea from Dorset Tea.

After Dr Simon Cripps, Chief Executive of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, joked that they had ‘finished putting the wildlife out’, we set off at the Higher Hyde Heath nature reserve.

On our walk we saw the rare round-leaved sundew, a carnivorous plant with long, sticky hairs on its leaves which trap insects that are attracted to them then curl inwards, drawing the insect in to the centre of the plant allowing the plant to slowly digest victims for added sustenance.

We were fascinated to learn about the life cycle of the rare silver studded blue butterfly who have an unlikely relationship with ants. Ants protect the butterfly’s eggs from predators and parasites and, in return, the ants feed on a saccharine secretion produced by glands on the larvae.

After the walk we had a welcome coffee and roll at the Dorset Golf and Country Club.

This truly was a fantastic, informative event and we were so pleased to meet other local business representatives who really care about Dorset’s unique ecology and wildlife.